Getting started

ANCHOR Orthodontic Retention is easy to work with – no logging in, no accounts, and no passwords. Submitting a case takes less than 3 minutes, just add the patient name, select which retainer you'd like, tell us where to send it and you're all done!

We've added our frequently asked "how to get started" questions below.

How much do they cost?

Retainers are $99 per arch regardless of style or digital/analog records being submitted Shipping to an Australian practice is $19.80 Shipping to a New Zealand practice is $29.80

Can I send stone models?

Yes! You sure can! BUT make sure they are wrapped carefully in bubble wrap. We won't be able to make retainers on broken models.

Why do they come back on printed models?

We digitise all analog records and print models before manufacturing retainers. This eliminates the risk of damage to models or mixups.

How do I add you to my Trios scanner?

if you haven't already added ANCHOR / Orthodontic Retention to your Trios scanner, you'll need to do that before sending your first case.

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Go to the "connections tab" and click "add"
  3. Search for our lab using
  4. Click "connect"
  5. Call us at 1300 029 383 to approve the connection so you can start sending.
  6. Back on your scanner, you'll need to refresh your lab connections.

Do you accept CEREC scans?

Nope, not directly. We do however accept STL files if you can export them from your scanner then upload them when you submit your case.

What records should I supply?

All we'll need is one good quality impression, scan or model for each arch, even if you're only treating one arch. If you're sending impressions or models, you'll also need to print and include the Packing Slip which will be emailed to you after you submit the RX and make payment.

Do you accept intraoral scans?

Yes! If you're using Trios, you can add our lab using For all other scanners, export an upper and lower STL file and upload it when you submit your case.

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